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  • Obama's man in China now Beijing's man in Washington (and one of Biden's best buds)

    Obama's man in China now Beijing's man in Washington (and one of Biden's best buds)

    As the novel coronavirus wreaks havoc across the world, the Obama administration's ambassador to China has found a second lease on life as a pro-China talking head on regime propaganda outlets.

    H/T: Washington Free Beacon

    Former ambassador Max Baucus has given at least four different interviews to Chinese propaganda outlets in the last two weeks, repeatedly comparing the U.S. rhetoric about China to both the McCarthy era and Nazi Germany.

    “Joe McCarthy [and] Adolf Hitler … rallied people up, making people believe things that were really not true,” Baucus said during a May 12 interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN), a regime mouthpiece. “The White House and some in Congress are making statements against China that are so over the top and so hypercritical, they are based not on the fact, or if they are based on fact, sheer demagoguery, and that's what McCarthy did in the 1950s.”

    Disturbingly, Baucus' ties to the CCP and it's state-run media could make him the perfect back-channel to the Biden campaign.

    A report from The National Pulse that “Baucus now contributes to the Chinese Communist Party-run CGTN news station, using his position to advocate on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden” indicates that these channels may already be in place.

    In a May report from The National Pulse, Biden is described as “good friend of Joe Biden ... appearing on Chinese Communist Party media outlets to blast President Trump and parrot Chinese government talking points.”

    More from that report:

    Baucus, 78, is a former Congressman, Senator, and political appointee to the high profile China Ambassadorship in 2014. He stayed in post until 2017, when President Trump was inaugurated.


    He’s donated to Biden’s Senate and presidential campaigns, endorsed his 2020 bid with “no question in mind,” and even invited Biden to his wedding to his third wife, who also happened to be his state office director.

    Biden, reportedly a “good friend” of Baucus’s, took Air Force Two to the wedding.

    In the same speech where Biden extolled the merits of a “rising China,” he commended then-Ambassador Baucus as “a great friend and doing a great job.”

    As “chief advocate” of Baucus’s ascension to ambassador, Joe Biden laid the groundwork for a nearly four-decades-long friend and who bizarrely admitted he was “no real expert on China.”

    These connections proved lucrative.

    Baucus now sits on the board of two Chinese Communist Party-linked companies: Alibaba and Ingram Micro.



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