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  • Is the Left preparing to steal your vote?

    Is the Left preparing to steal your vote?

    Growing signs that the anti-Trump left in the Democratic Party is gearing up to make this one of the most fraudulent elections in our nation’s history bear close watching. Illegitimate votes should never be allowed to sway a presidential election, especially true for one whose outcome might well decide the future of our republic.

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    new report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation conclusively and exhaustively documents the immense nature of the problem. It created an enormous database of voting practices and irregularities across the nation, based on data from 42 states. (The group is suing three states, Illinois, Maine and Maryland, for not supplying voting data.)

    According to the report: “It appears there are hundreds of thousands of undetected dead registrants, dead registrants casting ballots, registrants with multiple registrations within the same state and different states, people voting twice across state lines, and many registered at improper commercial addresses like casinos, gas stations, and restaurants.”

    A summary of findings from the report:

    • Deceased Registrants Across 41 States: 349,773
    • NY, TX, MI, FL, CA Account for Roughly 51% of National Deceased Registrants
    • In 2016, 7,890 Registrants Were Credited for Voting After Death
    • In 2018, 6,718 Registrants Were Credited for Voting After Death
    • North Carolina Leads U.S. in Deceased Registrants Credited for Voting After Death by More Than 4:1
    • 43,760 Duplicate Registrants Appear to Have Cast Second Votes in 2016 from Same Address
    • 37,889 Duplicate Registrants Appear to Have Cast Second Votes in 2018 from Same Address
    • Tens of Thousands of these Apparent Double Votes Were Exclusively Mail Ballots
    • Number of Registrants Apparently Registered in 2 States and Credited for Voting in Both States in 2018: 8,360
    • Number of Apparently Duplicate Registrants Credited for Voting Twice in Same State from 2 different addresses in 2018: 5,500
    • Number of Registrants Credited for Voting from Apparently Nonresidential Addresses in 2018: 34,000

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    Read the full Public Interest Legal Foundation report below.



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