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  • House GOPers question ballot security in Ohio county, NYC and LA after errors lead to second round being sent

    Two of the top Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday sent letters to election authorities in New York City, Los Angeles and Ohio that are sending updated mail-in ballots to certain voters who got incorrect or mislabeled ballots, raising concerns about "error or fraud."

    H/T: Fox News

    The letters ask the jurisdictions about whether or not they have an accurate count of mislabeled or incorrect ballots, how they are ensuring voters are destroying those ballots, how they plan to track any duplicate ballots, and how they jurisdictions will keep people who are submitting mail ballots from voting in-person. 

    "The right to vote is a hallmark of American democracy and it is critical that we protect the integrity of our elections. But, with issues arising from coast to coast, I'm concerned that blanket mail-in balloting and the dramatic growth in absentee ballots this election cycle is ripe for fraud, abuse and chaos," House Oversight Committee Ranking Member James Comer, R-Ky., said in a statement. 

    Read the committee letter to Franklin County Board of Elections below.



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