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  • Georgia Dem Senate candidate faces increased scrutiny as troubling past comes into focus

    Georgia Dem Senate candidate faces increased scrutiny as troubling past comes into focus

    Georgia Democrat Rev. Raphael Warnock didn’t get a lot of scrutiny in his initial run for the Senate seat in the state. But now that he’s going to a run-off against Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), he’s getting a lot more attention into his background. And a lot of stuff is coming out that is not going to thrill people in Georgia.


    First, Fox News reported that Warnock was a youth pastor at a church in New York City that hosted a celebration for Fidel Castro.

    The 1995 event came as the U.S. allowed Castro to stay within a 25-mile radius of the United Nations in New York City, where he denounced the U.S.'s embargo on Cuba and received applause from some at the General Assembly. 

    Castro received a similarly warm reception at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, where Warnock worked at the time. The Miami Herald reported at the time that Castro “blast[ed] the United States with the vigor that was missing from his speech to the United Nations earlier in the day and winding up the evening with a rousing rendition of the socialist hymn Internationale.” 

    In C-SPAN footage of the event, head pastor Calvin Butts appears to praise Castro, prompting chants of “Fidel! Fidel! Fidel!” from the audience. A translation of Castro's speech revealed him wondering why he was welcomed at the church, and noting that he changed from his business suit into military fatigues as he prepared for the event. He also described the blockade as "crazy" and "obsolete." What appears to be additional footage on YouTube pans to the audience cheering Castro.

    For years, Warnock has also staunchly defended Barack Obama's controversial paster, Rev. Jeremiah Right, according to the Free Beacon, and has also made anti-Israel statements.

    But the biggest red flag may be a 2002 Baltimore Sun article in which the paper reported Warnock had obstructed a police investigation involving suspected child abuse at his church camp.

    The ministers interrupted a police interview of a counselor Wednesday in a room at the camp and, after investigators moved the interview to a nearby picnic area, interfered again and subsequently tried to prevent a camper from directing police to another potential witness, according to charging documents.

    “I’ve never encountered resistance like that at all,” said Trooper Diane Barry of the state police Child and Sexual Assault Unit in Westminster. Barry said the counselors consented to the interviews after being told they were free to go at any time and were not obligated to answer her questions.

    These reports are just scratching the surface, but don't hold your breath waiting for today's media to do their job.



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