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  • Trump beefs up legal team, zeroes in on expulsion of election observers and data irregularities

    Trump beefs up legal team, zeroes in on expulsion of election observers and data irregularities

    President Trump's campaign legal team has beefed up with several senior lawyers as it prepares to challenge hundreds of thousands of votes cast in Democratic stronghold cities like Detroit and Philadelphia without required GOP observers, arguing the expulsions created disparate treatment or unequal protection of voters in violation of the Constitution.

    H/T: Just The News

    The team led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and longtime Trump private lawyer Jay Sekulow has been expanded to include former Justice Department officials Victoria Toensing and Sidney Powell, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova and trusted campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis.

    "The President's election integrity efforts have always focused on guaranteeing that every legal vote is counted fairly, accurately, and according to the law. This is what our system requires and demands. The campaign has passionately advocated for his re-election and over 73 million Americans agreed the President deserves a second term. The litigation, however, is not a political endeavor; it is a legal one," Ellis told Just the News.

    "President Trump is fighting to ensure that the people can have confidence in the legitimacy of the results for this election and every election in the future. Led by Mayor Giuliani, our legal team is aggressively pursuing the best legal remedies to stop the coordinated, systematic, pervasive irregularities, fraud, and outright disregard for the law that hijacked the 2020 election. Our U.S. Constitution contemplates that our election system may be attacked through corruption and our founders provided the remedies to safeguard our free and fair elections through our Electoral College system. The President will fight to preserve and protect our constitutional republic and our great nation."



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