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  • Trump documentary director: 'We're still living in the coup'

    Trump documentary director: 'We're still living in the coup'

    “We’re still living in the coup, we really are,” Amanda Milius, director of the documentary “The Plot Against the President,” told Jan Jekielek, host of The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

    H/T: The Epoch Times

    Milius pointed out that something is happening that might cause us to lose our freedoms if we don’t act now, “We’re in the water [that] is already hot, like we’re already boiling.”

    “We don’t have a justice system. We don’t have an intelligence community that works for us. They work against us and they just punish us if we have the wrong ideas, and scare people and operate on fear like the secret police that they are.”

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    “[The media is] pretending that they didn’t just engulf the country in a fake story for four years. Which is amazing,” Milius criticized the media in her interview. “It’s a very dark day for America, it’s basically like being bombed by our own aircraft carriers. That’s what happened.”

    The movie is available now via two streaming outlets linked from the film's website, and is available on Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo and select theaters.

    Watch the trailer below.



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